My Son Wrote a Story

In other news, my son, Eric Stevens, wrote a short story and it’s now published and currently available through Kindle. Yay! It’ll be available in other outlets, soon. The story is also available in audiobook. Which is totally amazing, because Nick Podhel is the voiceover artist and his voice is so amazing that he brings the story to life. I’m in awe.

His Guide in the Night is uplifting, mysterious and inspirational. And check out that amazing cover by Robin Ludwig it’s simply beautiful.

A little background about my son. He’s a veteran, married and has three beautiful children. Reading books by authors such as George R. R. Martin, helped him temporarily escape the war zone, when he was abroad. Growing up he had a passion for reading and drawing. He enjoyed reading the Goosbumps series and Harry Potter, among countless others.

His Guide in the Night by Eric Stevens

KC Hilton

KC Hilton

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