Man Posts Letters In Dog Poo Box For Two Years!

Well, if it looks like a mailbox, then why not? True story! Read about it HERE.

If I did something like that, I’d know within a month. Why? Because, I’d be on the phone yelling at the electric, water, phone and cable companies and asking why my utilities were turned off. In the end, one of the customer service representatives would simply say, “So, you put your check in the Dog Poo Box?” Then I’d feel like a total dumb-ass and blame the city for installing the poop box. People working in customer service talk to all kinds of ‘crazy’.

If you work in customer service and never had a bad day, never had a customer yell at you and never met someone who made you wonder who the hell tied his or her shoelaces, my new book isn’t for you.

But if you deal with customers day after day who drive you insane, give you reasons to drink alcohol, or make you want to quit your job and run home screaming, this book is definitely for you. And maybe a few of your friends. Rest assured, you are not alone.

A chaotic and hilarious portrait of a used car lot owner, Julia Karr. Her feisty attitude and fearless approach to managing a business, how it affects her home life and dealings with customers will have you scratching your head about humanity.

Cars, Coffee, and a Badass Ninja Toilet has a partial lift-off! The ebook is up for pre-order HERE. Yay! I’ll keep you posted about the paperback and hardback pre-order and release dates.

Here’s to keeping my sanity and not having a meltdown. Cheers!

P.S. The funny face little girl is a photo of my niece when she was a toddler. It still makes me laugh to this day =)

KC Hilton

KC Hilton

K.C. is a wife, mother and entrepreneur. She self-published the award-winning Finkleton series and My Name is Rapunzel under the pseudonym K.C. Hilton. She currently resides in the great state of Kentucky with her amazing husband and spoiled dog. K.C.’s husband refers to her as Hobbit size and claims that she is “nuttier than a fruit cake.” She owns a complete set of pink tools, believes in aliens and secretly wants to become a badass ninja. In her spare time, she can be found daydreaming about leaving work early to eat chocolate and drink wine. Sometimes her dreams come true.

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