Flying Toward Hurricane Irma

September was a crazy month for our family. On Saturday, September 2nd, my husband and I drove five hours to North Carolina to attend our son and his new wife’s reception. It was in a brewery, which was totally awesome! We met a lot of great people, had a ton of fun and experienced something new. We stayed for five hours, then drove back home. My husband had been working seven days a week and he had to work Sunday with little sleep. Poor guy!

Meanwhile, Hurricane Irma was brewing in the Atlantic. Our daughter already had plans of getting married on the beach near Destin, FL. Everything was paid for. She, her fiance and his parents were driving down, while me and my husband planned to fly on Thursday, September 7th. We already had the tickets.

Hurricane Irma wrecked havoc and my daughter was a total mess. We tried to cancel the wedding plans, but nothing pertaining to the wedding would be refunded, nor would our plane tickets. A crying bride-to-be was heart wrenching. We managed to secure a small church near home for her wedding day, but her beach dream wedding weighed heavy on our minds.

At noon on that Thursday, Hurricane Irma had shifted just enough where it wasn’t going to hit the western panhandle. We were all in a mad frenzy to pack and get ready to leave. Fortunately, the Saturday beach wedding was a go. Yay!

On the day of the wedding, my husband and I had a great time on the beach!


Introducing the new Mr and Mrs. The wedding was beautiful.

We went to Destin Commons for an after wedding dinner, but most of the places were closed or closing early.

We had to change dinner plans and went to Fudpuckers in Destin, FL, home of the awesome t-shirts! And you could write your name on anything and I do mean ANYTHING. Light fixtures, light bulbs, signs, tables, chairs, ceilings, walls, etc. If you ever visit, take a good marker.

Hurricane Irma was moving North and was going to hit on Sunday/Monday. It could easily shift and hit the western panhandle. We were glued to the local news. Unfortunately, my husband and I had to fly out on Sunday morning. Yes, we left our daughter and her new husband behind. We are bad parents. Bad.

On another note, we wore our Fudpucker t-shirts on the flight home. They are totally awesome! I know, we’re still bad parents.

Fortunately, Hurricane Irma didn’t change her path and the newlyweds were able to enjoy their honeymoon.

KC Hilton

KC Hilton

K.C. is a wife, mother and entrepreneur. She self-published the award-winning Finkleton series and My Name is Rapunzel under the pseudonym K.C. Hilton. She currently resides in the great state of Kentucky with her amazing husband and spoiled dog. K.C.’s husband refers to her as Hobbit size and claims that she is “nuttier than a fruit cake.” She owns a complete set of pink tools, believes in aliens and secretly wants to become a badass ninja. In her spare time, she can be found daydreaming about leaving work early to eat chocolate and drink wine. Sometimes her dreams come true.

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