Our Disney World Vacation

After returning home on Sunday from Destin, Fl for our daughter’s wedding, we were only home five nights before we left on our planned vacation. When Hubby got home from work on Friday evening, we began our drive to Orlando, FL to visit Disney World for a week. We drove for three hours, then stopped at a McDonalds to grab a bite to eat. They had a cool ordering machine. Check it out! Three hours later, we got a hotel room, then finished the drive Saturday morning.

Pulling into Disney World was amazing! Minnie Mouse welcomed us with her adorable smile.

We checked into the resort hotel. A little tired, but excited, too.

First stop, Magic Kingdom – Haunted Mansion. I loved all the funny tombstones. I’m kind of weird that way.




We stayed to watch the fireworks and laser show. It was awesome!


I was literally starving, so we stopped at a corner eatery that boasted American baseball and the famous hotdog. They were soooo good! And the fries were delicious. We tried our best to eat it all, but sadly we were defeated. I had the one with mac & cheese on top. Yummy!

Back at our room, we compared our steps/miles on our watches. A shorter person takes more steps, but a mile is a mile. Not sure what happened here.

The next day, up bright and early, we first stopped for breakfast. OMG, the Mickey Mouse waffles were the best thing, ever. It’s not the shape, it’s how they make them, the thickness, the slightly but not so much crunchy texture. I’ve wanted these everyday since we left. Disney should really sell these in grocery stores!

After the best breakfast ever, we took the resort bus to Epcot. We had a blast, but sadly I didn’t take any photos with my phone. However, we did use the Disney photo pass option, so I’ll upload a few photos when I download them.

The third day, we visited Hollywood Studios. Star Wars was the big theme. Disney had portions of the park blocked off because they were under construction (we didn’t know any of this until we arrived at the park) and adding two new areas dedicated to Star Wars and Toy Land. They plan to open them in 2019.

Rockin’ Roller Coaster – Aerosmith songs played through the speakers near this coaster.

A wax figure of the Terminator, a green army man (geez he was super tall and funny) and Hubby tried on an Indian Jones hat. He looked so ruggedly handsome!

We spent half the day there, then decided to go to Disney Springs, formerly Downtown Disney, just to look around. We visited a Lego store, which was totally awesome.

That evening, back at the hotel, we compared our watches again. So strange!

The fourth day we made our way to Animal Kingdom. We couldn’t wait to see the new Pandora area. We were not disappointed! The Flight of Passage ride was the best ride in all of Disney World, in my humble opinion. It made waiting in line a total of eight hours for six rides, totally worth it.

Our fist ride we waited in line for 2.5 hours, the second ride 1.5 hours. There were a lot of interesting things along the way through the cave and the laboratory. And the avatar actually moved!

I found a great video on YouTube:

Here’s a better YouTube video I found, showing the Flight of Passage ride. It was awesome! I literally felt like I was riding on the back of a banshee. I screamed a lot, because my stomach flew up to my throat. I laughed a lot, too. Then screamed some more, but I had a blast.

After the ride was over, we exited through the only Pandora shop in all of Disney World. We made an appointment to have avatar dolls made to our likeness with the Avatar Maker. They scanned our faces, using the straight lines of our faces. Like eyebrows, jawbones, noses, etc. and merged them with the Navi DNA stuff. We got to choose the eye color, hairstyle and stripes/lines on the avatar doll face. Female avatar dolls got to choose a color for the feather necklace.

A few hours later, our avatar dolls were ready to be picked up. Aren’t they so cute? We also bought some interactive Banshees. I don’t have a photo, but they’re totally adorable!

I didn’t splurge for Minnie Mouse ears (although I did find some cutes ones) but I did, however, buy some avatar ears and I love them! Hubby bought an adorable fedora hat, too.


Experiencing the world of Pandora had us trying to figure out how in the world Disney did this. The floating mountains were amazing to look at! So, I found this video on YouTube.

The next day, we decided to go back to Epcot to tour the World Showcase. We wore our Pandora shirts and surprisingly a ton of people asked us about the new Pandora world and the Flight of Passage ride. We had a lot of great stuff to say. Then we met Mary Poppins!

We also walked through various shops throughout the World Showcase, it was kind of hot (94 degrees) and it was nice to cool down a bit. Then I saw these two guys and of course, I stopped them. “Dudes! How tall are you?” I asked. They each replied 6′ 4″ and 6′ 7″. Honestly, I think they’re taller. Because look how tall they are! Hubby took a photo and said I looked like a Hobbit. I’m the normal size person in the middle. Just saying.

When our Disney World vacation was over, we travelled to a beach near Destin, FL for some much needed rest. I mean, walking over ten miles per day in 94 degree weather was tough on a person. I really needed a restful vacation after Disney World. On the way to the beach we saw crews of linemen and tree workers going back home, after helping in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. Way to go!

After arriving at the condo, we did a little grocery shopping and bought my favorite coconut rum. It’s the perfect drink while sitting on the patio in the evenings, listening to the ocean and reading a good book.

Just look at that view! The beach and water were pristine.

A few days into our rest, we decided to travel to 30A and rent a few bicycles. 30A has an 18 mile bicycle path. The bicycles were only $15 for the entire day. What a deal. After the first mile, I was like, “My butt hurts! I don’t remember it hurting when I was 20 years old.” Hubby replied, “It didn’t hurt when you got a tattoo when you were 20 years old either.” He has a way of putting things into a new perspective and I liked his analogy.

We stopped at Seaside for a bite to eat, in the cutest little roadside cafe. It was indoor/outdoor.

Before heading back home, I ordered a super cute coffee mug on Amazon. I hated to leave our vacation and go home, but I had to remind people who the boss was and I didn’t want to forget it either. My new book would better explain what I mean. The pink mug was waiting at home, when we arrived. I love it!

Midway through my work week, I was overworked and stressed out. I was so busy and had so many things to do, that I didn’t know where to begin. During one of my lunch hours, I ran to the local liquor store to buy something for dinner. Look what I found. It was an omen! My favorite coconut rum was in stock and calling my name. Yes!!!

And that, dear readers, was our Disney World and beach vacation adventure. Actually, I’m ready to go back. Like now. Or maybe for Christmas. But I definitely want to go back, soon.

KC Hilton

KC Hilton

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