Editors are Awesome!

When I started writing my latest book, I hired ten different types of editors to read the first five chapters and give me feedback. I wanted to know if the book was good enough to continue writing it, because I didn’t want to waste my time if it wasn’t. I’m not sure if other writers do that sort of thing, but I do. To be honest, all but one loved the five chapters and wanted to read

New Book! Audio teaser not taser. Big difference.

  Let’s do this! I seriously can’t believe it’s been six weeks since I’ve last posted anything. The days go by so fast! It probably just means I’m getting older and forgetting things more often. I blame the aging process. You’ll be happy to know, that I’ve been working hard on a new book. Yay! I mentioned it in one of my previous posts. It’s hard to find time to write, while working a full-time job, but

Typos and Mistakes

As strange as it may sound, some books do have typos or mistakes. Not all of them, but I’ve found a few and I’ve just laughed a little about it. Mistakes happen and so do typos. For instance the words peak vs peek. Both words are pronounced the same, but spelled different, because they have different meanings. The reason I bring this up, is because I’m diving back into the Finkleton world and preparing to

Learning to Walk

Hello all you amazing people! I didn’t realize, until just this moment, that my last post was in March. Geez! It didn’t feel like it had been that long. Sorry! When I write, I tend to stay away from social media and turn into somewhat of a hermit crab. It’s true! But it wasn’t just writing that kept me away this time. In April, I hurt my foot and I was forced to wear an

Hair Pulling Time!

It’s been forever, since I’ve posted anything and I sincerely apologize for that. Life, in general, gets in the way, sometimes. For instance, in the spring of 2015 I started working on a new book. I was, and still am, so excited about this book and had plans of having that finished by the end of 2015, then go back and finish the third book in the Finkleton series, Saving Finkleton, but life didn’t allow