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Notes: Just a little background about ’90 Miles to Freedom’

’90 Miles to Freedom’ is more than just a journey in a story. It was a journey for myself as well. It took me nearly two years to write before starting the editing process. The idea came to me while our family was vacationing in Florida. I woke up at 4am with a vivid dream and I didn’t bring my notebook, grrrr.

What was I to do? If I didn’t write it down, I wouldn’t remember it in the morning. So, I did what I had to do… I fumbled around in the dark, half asleep and found a pen and a small business card, then scribbled what I could remember (with the lights off). I didn’t know if I would be able to read any of it in the morning. I was surprised with how much fit on that small card, and I still have it to this day.

After vacation, the dream remained with me and it pulled at me to do something about it. But what? I had to do something. And with that thought… I started writing. A lot of research went into this book and a part of me with it. I wrote several scenes while listening to my iPod. When I wrote one particular scene, I listened to a certain song at least 50 times. In my mind this book has a soundtrack and a full cast of celebrities.

Let’s start with the celebrities first. I love character association :)

The main character is Collin Scott. In my dream I saw Leonardo DiCaprio. Who doesn’t dream about him? But since then, I also see James Franco. Let’s compare the two (it’s sooo hard to choose)… Sigh.
Now let me show you Collin’s parents: George and Betty Scott.
I see Kevin Costner and Diane Lane :)
Ok. Now let me show you who I see for Collin’s little brother, Joey Scott.
I see… Zac Efron… I know some of you are swooning :)
Now let me show you Collin’s fiance, Morgan, the beautiful nurse.
This is my daughter :-)
Ok… Let me show you who I see as one of Collin’s enemies… Pello. BUT I can also see him as Perez! I see Pello or Perez as none other than the totally awesome Johnny Depp…. Sigh.
Does anyone remember him in ’21 Jump Street’? I do… I watched it every single week when the series was on T.V. and I loved it :)
Book Soundtrack
The first song in my mind is at the end of chapter four:
Landing In London by 3 Doors Down & Bob Seger
When Collin looks at Morgan on the yacht: I Hope That I Don’t Fall In Love With You by Tom Waits
When Collin sees his parents dancing: Cigarettes and Coffee by Otis Redding
When Collin is on his boat with all of his drunken friends: Lonely Is The Night by Billy Squier

When Collin is talking to his Mom: I’ve Got Dreams To Remember by Otis Redding
After Collin finished talking with his Mom: These Are The Days by Van Morrison
The last chapter of the book: A Change Is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke
After ’90 Miles to Freedom’ is released, I’ll be posting an excerpt from the book, that was removed. It’s a funny scene with Collin and his friends on his fishing boat.
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