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Video Book Haul 33

I’m back with another book haul. Yay! Here I talk about and share with the world, the books I’ve recently purchased and can’t wait to read! I pre-recorded about 10 videos a while back and scheduled them to post on YouTube. Since then, I’ve purchased even more books and need to record more videos! Ugh! […]

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Book Haul 32

I’m back for another book haul. Yay! Gosh, I just love my book! I wish my full time job was to just read, read and read…books that is, lol. I hope you enjoy my most recent book haul. Enjoy!   Jamie McGuire @daniellempaige Rainbow Rowell @robinsloan Amanda Ashby KC HiltonKC Hilton is a wife, mother, […]

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My Name is Rapunzel Review by BookMovieGuy

You guys know I absolutely love the YouTube book community. It’s a great place to talk about books, find new books and watch book reviews. Today, I watched a video book review of My Name is Rapunzel by BookMovieGuy. It was a wonderful surprise! Yay! Anyway, BookMovieGuy is an avid reader, as are most people […]

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Book Haul 31

Book Haul 31. Yay! I talk about (and show) the recent book I purchased or received. Enjoy! KC HiltonKC Hilton is a wife, mother, entrepreneur, photographer, and author. She currently resides in the great state of Kentucky with her husband, children and their minshe dachshund, “Roxy”.More Posts – Website – Twitter – Facebook – Pinterest […]

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Book Haul 30

Another book haul. Yay! Gosh, I love my books! To be honest, I need to record about three more! Ha! I’ve read a ton of books this year. More than I typically do. I finished my goodreads challenge of 52 books, back in June, which is a first. Normally, I struggle to finish reading 52 […]

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