Solar Eclipse Day

2017 Solar Eclipse day had finally arrived and I was ready for it. I had my snazzy solar eclipse nasa approved glasses, which made me look super cute. It was a hot 93 degrees, my hair was pulled back into a ponytail and I wasn’t wearing any makeup. I really should’ve floated in the pool to watch that amazing event.

The last one I saw was in 1979, when I lived in Illinois. I was in elementary school and we made cardboard boxes to use.

If the full moon affects people’s moods and creativity, then it stands to reason that a solar eclipse would do the same thing. Right? I think so.

In my last post, I talked about my getting adult braces and my teeth still hurt. It took me an hour to eat a cheeseburger, because I had to cut it up into tiny toddler size pieces. Actually, I didn’t even finish eating it, because I was just plain tired of eating. Afterwards, it took me forever to brush and floss. A friend of mine suggested that I purchase a fancy Waterpik. I did a little research on it and decided I should give it a try.

After the excitement of the solar eclipse was over, I went to the store and bought one of those badass Waterpiks. Brought it home and assembled it, per the instructions. The directions did say to charge it up, which could take up to 24 hours, before using it. However, I wanted to see if those batteries had any juice in them. Sure enough, they did! Woohoo!

I looked at the front of that Waterpik and pressed ‘on’ and that was the go for water to start shooting everywhere in the bathroom: On me, the mirror, the wall, the sink, the door, the floor…everywhere, except my mouth. I panicked and turned the Waterpik toward me to turn it off. Meanwhile, the water was shooting out like bursts of super power on my face, until I managed to press the ‘off’ button. Oh boy, what a mess. I tried a second time and finally got the hang of it.

Later that night I wanted chocolate in a bad way. I got the ingredients out to make brownies, per the instructions on the box. Super easy! I cracked open the first egg and nearly opened it into the empty box. Oh boy, that could’ve been messy. Not sure what was on my mind at that moment, but it was a good thing I caught that almost-mistake from happening. I cracked open the last two eggs, grabbed the fork and was ready to stir, but something was wrong. There was only one egg in my batch. Where did the other two go? I know I cracked them open. I used my fork to poke around in the bowl, but only one egg was there. Then I noticed a slimy substance leaking from the bottom of the brownie box. Uh, oh. I looked inside and well…there were the other two eggs. Okay, so I stopped the first egg from cracking into the box, but what was I thinking to crack the other two into it? I still can’t wrap my head around why I did it. I wasn’t on the phone. I wasn’t listening to an audiobook nor was I distracted by my thoughts, except for wanting chocolate.

Honestly, I don’t think there’s a moral to this story, but I could easily blame the solar eclipse for my strange actions. It’s plausible.

So, did anything strange or unique happen to you the day of the solar eclipse?

KC Hilton

KC Hilton

K.C. is a wife, mother and entrepreneur. She self-published the award-winning Finkleton series and My Name is Rapunzel under the pseudonym K.C. Hilton. She currently resides in the great state of Kentucky with her amazing husband and spoiled dog. K.C.’s husband refers to her as Hobbit size and claims that she is “nuttier than a fruit cake.” She owns a complete set of pink tools, believes in aliens and secretly wants to become a badass ninja. In her spare time, she can be found daydreaming about leaving work early to eat chocolate and drink wine. Sometimes her dreams come true.

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