My “IF” Wish List

It’s that time again! I do character association with all of my books and this time I’m doing it for Coffee, and a Badass Ninja Toilet. Yay!

Which celebrities do I think would best play the roles of the main characters in my new book? I’m not saying other celebrities couldn’t do a great job, but these are just a few I see in my mind.

For the main character, I see Melissa McCarthy playing the role of Julia Karr.
Why: Melissa is beautiful, funny, smart, sexy and kicks-ass when it comes to being an actress. She can curse someone out, flip ’em the bird and make you laugh at the same time. I can see her playing Julia Karr and bringing her attitude to life on the big screen and taking down outrageous customers both physically and mentally. Also, Melissa is 5’2″ the exact height of Julia Karr. Is that fate or what? I could totally see me and Melissa drinking wine and laughing our asses off. Actually, I don’t think we’d need the wine to laugh our asses off. It just comes naturally with me.

For Julia’s husband, I see Matthew McConaughey playing the role of Romeo Karr.
Why: Have you seen him? OMG. That ruggedly handsome man in all his male finery…sigh. Okay, back to reality! Matthew is adorably cute, funny without saying many words, smart and totally sexy. Matthew is 6′ tall, the exact height of Romeo Karr. He also has that beautiful crazy hair that could be worn in a wet-look and he wears a goatee or five o’clock shadow like Romeo, too. I see Matthew being the level headed husband of Julia Karr. He has a calming way about him that’s adorable, loving, supportive and protective. He would be Julia’s perfect husband to keep her crazy outbursts down to a minimum and keep her grounded in reality. Also, I think he gives great hugs!

In other news: Cars, Coffee, and a Badass Ninja Toilet is currently being adapted into screenplay format. With help and direction from a few people, it will later be submitted to all the right places. Fingers crossed that the screenplay will catch the eye of a producer and/or director. A girl can dream!

Who do I see directing a film based on Cars, Coffee, and a Badass Ninja Toilet? Jason Bateman

Why: Because Jason has starred in and directed some kick-ass funny movies! He’s kind of awesome that way. Not that another director couldn’t do a great job, but Jason is who I see directing this chaotic and hilarious film. Jason is funny, intelligent and adorably cute, too. And… I think he gives great hugs. Not that being a great hugger has anything to do with being a great director. But, if he ends up being the director… I’d totally ask for a hug and let you know if he gives great hugs or not. Jason, I think that’s a challenge and I’m totally up for it. Just saying!

On another note: I’m happily married, so a hug would be all this girl would ask for, as long as I didn’t stumble on my words in the middle of asking him. Oh, and a photo. I would totally ask for a photo, too! Like, standing next to Jason, Matthew and Melissa. It would be an awesome photo! I’d Tweet about that for the rest of my life. I should probably invest in one of those long photo-sticks so we could do a selfie or ask someone to take the photo. Either way, I’d totally want a photo for bragging rights.

I’ll update this page with additional celebrities who I see playing the roles of some of the other characters in Cars, Coffee, and a Badass Ninja Toilet.

Catch you on the flip side!

P. S. The hardback and ebook are currently available for pre-order and the release date is 9/1/17. The paperback should be released around the same time and the audio will soon follow.

P. P. S. The audio will depend on me being able to talk properly without a lisp, because of my adult braces. On the plus side, I’ve lost three whole pounds in less than a week. Yeah, not being able shove food into my mouth has posed a bit of a problem.

P. P. P. S. At this point, I’m not above eating baby food – preferably banana flavor or applesauce. Just saying.

KC Hilton

KC Hilton

K.C. is a wife, mother and entrepreneur. She self-published the award-winning Finkleton series and My Name is Rapunzel under the pseudonym K.C. Hilton. She currently resides in the great state of Kentucky with her amazing husband and spoiled dog. K.C.’s husband refers to her as Hobbit size and claims that she is “nuttier than a fruit cake.” She owns a complete set of pink tools, believes in aliens and secretly wants to become a badass ninja. In her spare time, she can be found daydreaming about leaving work early to eat chocolate and drink wine. Sometimes her dreams come true.

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    1. I’m so glad you do! Haha! I had a lot of fun writing this post and I’m finally letting my hair down to be the “real” me. It’s not every day I challenge Jason Bateman for a hug. Maybe I should challenge Matthew, too! Yeah, I should do that, lol.

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